At Vivomeal, our mission is to make oatmeal more tasty.  We are specialized in savory oatmeal and gourmet oatmeal drink.  We hope the unique flavor twist in our gourmet oatmeals can help your heart stay healthy and your taste buds satisfied.

Vivomeal oatmeal products are developed with Nutritionist and manufactured in Austin, TX.  With the focus in lowering cholesterol level using the natural benefits of whole grain foods, we’d followed  the recommendation from the American Heart Association in wholegrain consumption to help lower cholesterol and reduce the risks for heart disease.

The team has worked together for over a year to bring together the healthy benefits of whole grain oatmeal with flavorful herbs and antioxidants ingredients.  We stay away from the traditional method of overly sweetened oatmeal. Our savory oatmeals are nutritious as a well-balanced meal; all together in a convenience cup. Our gourmet oatmeal drinks- lean and on the go-are featured with superfood ingredients, ie. ginseng, ginkgo biloba, chia seed, matcha green tea..

Wholegrain, no cholesterol, no trans fat, low calories..
Whether your goal is “just want to try some yummy oatmeal”, lowering cholesterol, weight control, or starting a new oatmeal diet… Our savory oatmeals and gourmet oatmeal drinks are perfect for any day with any mood or food craving you might have.

We hope you enjoy Vivo-oatmeal as much as we do.

Kids approved and parents recommended!

Vivomeal- Any day, any time- Live Oatly, Stay Healthy!